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Bioreactors and fermenters

References: bioreactor systems and fermentation equipment

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Pharma group

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Pharma group, far east

Project: Cell culture fermentation

Object: Bioreactor (80 litres) for the biotech production of flu vaccines

Services provided:

  • Basic, detail engineering
  • Fabrication
  • FAT
  • On-site start-up

Execution: 2011


Novartis, Clone Pilot

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Novartis Clone Pilot 1

Project: Cell culture fermentation

Object: Clone Pilot I–IV: bioreactor lines

Services provided:

  • Detail engineering
  • System installation (mechanics, E/I&C):
    - Fermentation (package structure)
    - Utilities (general piping, transfer panels)
  • Start-up support
  • Qualification support DQ, IQ, OQ

Execution: 2007-2010


Biospectra Show reference
Biospectra Zürich 1

Project: Clone explorer, Clone screener

Object: Satellite fermenter system

Services provided:

  • 3D detail planning
  • Mechanical installation (package structure)
  • Start-up support

Execution: 2006-2009