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UCB, Bulle

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UCB, Bulle 1

Project: Biotechnology production centre

Object: Construction of an international biotechnology production centre to produce the medicine Cimzia

Services provided: General contractor for mechanical installation:
Planning, delivery and assembly of  plant components (tanks, pumps, heat exchangers) and general piping as well as the related E/I&C technology

Execution: 2012–2013

Bayer HealthCare

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Bayer HealthCare, Wuppertal 1

Project: Z3000

Object: Process piping for multi-purpose facility dedicated to production of agents for clinical trials

Services provided:

  • Delivery and assembly of pipelines (7,000 m) and brackets (1,100 units)
  • Apparatus assembly (approx. 35 units)
  • Coating and pipe insulation
  • Documentation

Execution: 2011 – 2012

Genzyme, Geel

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Genzyme 1

Project: Stella

Object: Mechanical installation of a production facility to produce Myozyme; two production lines each comprising a 4,000 litre bioreactor

Services provided:

  • Pre-fabrication and installation of piping
  • Installation of apparatus
  • Installation of insulation

Execution: 2011

Sanofi-Aventis, Frankfurt

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Sanofi-Aventis, Frankfurt 1

Project: Insulin production

Object: Mechanical installation of the insulin production facility

Services provided:

  • Detail planning of layout and piping (PDS)
  • Equipment assembly
  • Supply and assembly of all piping systems
  • Start-up and documentation