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Solution preparation systems

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B. Braun

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B. Braun

Object: Solution preparation system to manufacture infusion solutions

Services provided:

  • Detail engineering (3D PDS)
  • E/I&C technology
  • Delivery and installation of batch and filling containers
  • Start-up and qualification support (FAT, SAT)

Execution: 2011-2012


Hameln Pharmaceuticals

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Hameln Pharmaceuticals 1

Project: Extensions to parenterals production

Object: Production building for sterile pharmaceuticals (parenterals)

Services provided:

  • Detail engineering
  • Construction plant (mechanics, E/I&C, automation)
    – Media batches (stationary, mobile)
    – Cleaning systems (CIP, SIP, DIP)
    – Ultrapure media systems (production, storage, distribution – HPW, WFI, RD)
    – Utilities (general piping)
  • Start-up, qualification IQ, OQ

Execution: 2007-2008