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Ultra-pure media systems

References: ultra-pure media systems

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Baxter AG

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Baxter Orth 1

Project: LEO II

Object: Production and laboratory building for the fabrication of recombinant proteins and vaccines

Services provided:

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Plant construction (mechanics, E/I&C)
    – Media and buffer batch 500 - 1600 litres
    – Cleaning systems (CIP, SIP, DIP)
    – Ultrapure media systems (production, storage, distribution – PW, WFI, RD)
  • Start-up, qualification DQ, IQ, OQ

Execution: 2007-2008

ZLB Behring

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ZLB Behring Marburg 1

Project: GMP upgrade M-300

Object: GMP upgrade in final-stage production of parenterals from human blood plasma

Services provided:

  • Equipment assembly (650 units)
  • Pipe assembly (14,000 m)
  • Delivery of piping accessories


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Degussa Trostberg 1

Project: GMP multi-purpose facility

Object: Multi-purpose facility in accordance with FDA rules

Services provided: Turnkey delivery and assembly of the complete facility except for construction and building installation, i.e. process technology, process instrumentation and plant engineering

Belupo Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

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Belupo Reinwasser 1

Project: Purified water distribution system

Object: Planning, delivery and installation of purified water distribution system

Services provided:

  • Equipment assembly
  • Detail pipeline planning
  • Supply and assembly of all piping systems
  • Assistance during start-up and documentation