Insights into innovative software for controlling bioprocesses

May 31, 2016

Taking place on 22 June in Schloss Schielleiten (near Hartberg), Evon up2date will focus on Smart Production 4.0 and the pharmaceuticals industry. Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg will be exhibiting at the event and providing insights into the development status of an innovative piece of control software for PAT and QbD-compliant production of biopharmaceuticals.

As part of a research project, this application is currently being developed jointly with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), in Vienna, based on an Evon software platform. Members of the research team will be giving a presentation on the focal subject of the pharmaceutical industry, entitled "Auf dem Weg zu modellprädiktiver Regelung von Zellkultur Bioprozessen" ("On the path to model predictive control of cell culture bioprocesses").