Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg expanding in Dresden

November 30, 2016

Dresden is an interesting economic region for equipment manufacturer Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg. In connection with its expansion, it started establishing its own location here at the end of 2015. Currently, the Dresden location has highly qualified local engineers possessing a great deal of experience in pharmaceutical equipment engineering, chemical engineering, energy technology and design. The team have already completed initial projects entailing the engineering and construction of pharmaceutical equipment. Looking ahead over the next few years, Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg wants to additionally expand its Dresden location. Recently, the company with its head office in Salzburg has been growing sharply, increasing its headcount by one third in four years, with sales almost doubling in the same period.

“Dresden may not be a traditional pharmaceutical centre like Basel, Marburg, Frankfurt or Munich but it is home to a series of interesting small and mid-size pharmaceutical companies as well as a number of startups,” says Klaus Rauschenbach, head of the new location in Dresden. With its local team, Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg can address customers in this region and throughout eastern Germany even more effectively. In addition, the Dresden location manages the company’s activities in Eastern Europe and particularly Russia. The location is primarily involved in engineering and project management. Alongside Heidelberg, Penzberg and Stuttgart, Dresden is the equipment manufacturer’s fourth location in Germany.

With more than 300 core employees, Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg engineers, fabricates and assembles production systems for the biotechnology/pharmaceuticals industry as well as the semiconductor and energy sectors. In the last few months, it has received contracts with a combined value of around € 60 million from three industrial pharmaceutical companies for the construction and expansion of biotechnology process equipment at production sites in Ireland, Belgium and Denmark.

It has customers not only in Europe but also around the world. It delivers biotechnology equipment to countries as far away as China as well as other Asian countries. With its own locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as regional operations in China and representatives in South Korea and Eastern Europe, it is able to ensure close proximity to customers.

Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg engineers, fabricates and assembles piping, systems and equipment for the biotechnology/pharmaceuticals industry, the semiconductor and energy sectors.