Customer-specific and GMP-compliant adaptation of single-use systems

September 07, 2020

Single-use or stainless steel – a choice you no longer have to make. Many companies would like to enjoy the advantages of both worlds, therefore setting store by hybrid solutions. But given their degree of standardisation, single-use solutions are often too rigid if customer-specific (company) standards need to be satisfied in a GMP-compliant production environment. For this, Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg offers tuning for single-use equipment.

Bilfinger tuning ‘refines’ the single-use equipment to reflect the customer‘s requirements, i.e. Bilfinger adapts single-use solutions to satisfy customer specifications and GMP requirements. This enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to employ single-use equipment while at the same time maintaining their established (company) standards.

Bilfinger tuning relies on the company's decades of experience, with tried-and-tested engineering and fabrication methods in place to bring individual systems and individual solutions to life. Examples of applications and more information on customer-specific and GMP-compliant adaptation of single-use solutions can be found here.